I have always loved photos. Since I was a little girl “reading” National Geographic on the kitchen floor of my grandma’s house. There was not much actual reading going on then, but I was absolutely fascinated by the pictures. Dabbling in photography as a young adult, I got much more serious after the birth of my first child.

Suddenly life was real. And it wasn’t the "stuff" that was important any more, but the moments that were so precious. It was the Halloween costumes and that day at the beach. That evening with my grandparents eating seafood and my husband wrestling with the kids. That first football game (and every football game since) and the impromptu concert in the living room singing into a shower head.

Over the years I have had more and more people ask that I do photos for them, to capture their moments. It has been a joy and a privilege.

Meanwhile I live in Charlotte, NC with my wonderful husband Noel and three amazing children, Aslan (AHZ-luhn), Thaddaeus, and Israella (iz-ree-EHL-luh). I am very active at my children’s school, Davidson Day School, where my husband is also a music teacher. We are members of Providence Baptist Church, where we have been building an amazing collection of memories and I really love sushi.